Mood Mixology

We blend feelings to create moods, and then bottle it. Mood elixirs, zero alcohol, zero sugar, zero hangover. Meet Altered.

No1. ‘Ecstasy’ & No.2 ‘Bliss’.

  • After two years of development, we have found more than twelve different botanicals, mushrooms, and roots which all produce different cognitive feelings.

  • We have blended them together to create drinks which gives the buzz of booze but with zero alcohol.  ‘Mood Mixology’. From the Dr.B brand, Altered is a completely natural alcohol alternative.

  • We carefully craft these ‘Mood Elixirs’  to produce different Altered states. Whether it’s to stay up and be the last person chatting away at a bar, or if it’s to wind down after a long day of work.

We are currently opening orders direct for venues and in the future you’ll be able to place online orders for your home!

Want to stock me in your bar or venue?