bye bye dry. it's time to fall in love with your skin.

★★★★★ fans of the doctor

  • Katya

    “Thank you very much this magic cream! I use it everyday, this is something amazing, I just feel like it's working”

  • Mona

    “dr.b is a magician. The stuff is incredible! Looks beautiful too! I love the different scents! So exciting!”

  • Olya

    “I use this balm whenever I have flare ups on my skin and it’s never failed me, thank you!”

73%* of people with eczema suffer from anxiety. it's time for confident, glowing skin that you can show off.

skincare for problem & dry skin. made by a beekeeper and doctor. only the good stuff, never any chemicals, but heavily researched botanicals.

the only ingredients in our skincare

  • bee extracts

  • seaweed

  • mushrooms

  • botanicals

  • plant oils

  • vitamins

we also help facial hydration & restoration. it's also on offer.

how can the doctor help?

  • chronic skin

    very dry skin in need of urgent repair.

  • dry hands

    neglected hands needing care.

  • skin repair

    overnight damage restoration.

  • pollution

    protection from the elements.

  • tired face

    skin in need of life and zest.

  • wrinkles

    heavy duty restoration under eyes.

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  • Dr. Alex MD

    Our doctor and beekeeper. In the search to ease the suffering of Scleroderma, a life threatening chronic skin condition, Dr. Alex MD opened up a new bee aviary to make extracts from honey, propolis, and wax known for their natural healing properties. To this day Dr. Alex works on creating the most pure bee ingredients for our skincare, and looking after our hives so they can pollinate the British Countryside.

  • Lana (Chief Blender & Researcher)

    Fascinated by bees' ability to turn plants into healing ingredients, Lana sought out botanicals from the British Countryside, including mushrooms, seaweed, and plant oils - all scientifically proven to help problem skin find their magic again. Together Dr. Alex MD and Lana have created soothing skincare for acute to chronic skin conditions, and have helped people fall back in love with their skin.

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*Eczema Study

*Tsintsadze, N., Beridze, L., Krichun, Y., Tsivadze, N., & Tsintsadze, M. (2015).