better skin and better mind, using wild foraged ingredients.

dr.b wild skincare and functional tea ranges are heavily researched products using ingredients developed from wild botanicals along the British Coast blended with exotic supplements. Controlling your skin or mood with innovative, science based ingredients starts today. Look beautiful and radiate beautiful energy.

  • Let's help my skin glow

    Our flagship skincare line. Using the finest foraged wild ingredients for skin tightening and rejuvenating. Luscious creams and gels to keep skin youthful.

    I want better skin 
  • Let's help my mood & body

    Our new collection of science based functional tea blends with wild foraged ingredients. Blends of organic mushrooms and botanicals for various uses.

    I want better calm & focus 

treat your skin and save today

  • Katya

    “Thank you very much this magic cream! I use it everyday, I especially really like the balm - this is something amazing, I just feel like it's working.”

  • Mona

    “dr.b is a magician. The stuff is incredible! Looks beautiful too! I love the different scents! So exciting! I bought for 3 people and they all repurchased! 100 per cent success rate as a gift!”

  • Ana

    “Just wanted to tell you that it's only a week since I use this skin range, and yesterday someone complimented me on my skin already!”

Hand blended in Norfolk by the coast.

The name dr.b comes from our love of bees and science. Research team Svetlana and Dr. Alex took inspiration that bees gather the best local wild ingredients and out of it produce incredible healing ingredients like propolis and royal jelly. Svetlana and Dr. Alex forage locally to source mushrooms, seaweed, and wild plants which no other company has - to create truly extraordinary products.