transform your brews into rocket-fuel with our science based teas, made with mushrooms and botanicals.

dr.b functional tea blends

Our new collection of science based functional tea blends. Quit the caffeine and alcohol night cap - we have researched alternatives with wild foraged ingredients. Blends of organic mushrooms and botanicals.

  • Ce

    * * * * *

    “I really struggled with sleep before this, but the sleepy tea knocks me out! I like the flavour too, v gentle.”

  • Madeline

    * * * * *

    “oh this tea is so delicious, my new favourite, thank you again! Especially the mushroom tea, feel much stronger! xx”

  • Leo

    * * * * *

    “I have my coffee with a spoon of brain magic every morning and work and exercise has greatly improved! I’m in the best head space I’ve ever been.”

  • one for genius.

    Blend of FIVE incredible mushrooms to add into your morning coffee, smoothie, or shake to give you a boost for the day.

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  • one for focus.

    Boosting blend of researched leaves and mushrooms that gives you all the oomph you need for the day and more. Your coffee could never.

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  • one for calm.

    Delicate botanical blend to help you sink into your sofa or bed without worry. Your bedtime companion for peace and tranquility.

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  • one for reset.

    Heavy duty wild plants and mushrooms to restart after an even wilder weekend. Make your Monday rock.

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  • one for fun.

    Seductive blend of active botanicals which lifts mood for a flirtatious and playful evening. Drink alone or with a partner.

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